18 museum dan 34 cagar budaya nasional resmi menjadi satu badan

In a groundbreaking move, 18 museums and 34 national heritage sites have officially merged to form a single entity. This merger aims to streamline operations, enhance collaboration, and create a more cohesive and unified approach to preserving and showcasing Indonesia’s rich cultural heritage.

The newly formed entity, known as the National Museum and Heritage Conservation Authority, will oversee the management and administration of all the museums and heritage sites under its jurisdiction. This includes iconic institutions such as the National Museum of Indonesia, the Jakarta History Museum, and the Borobudur Temple Compounds.

By bringing together these diverse cultural institutions under one umbrella, the Authority hopes to improve coordination and cooperation between museums and heritage sites, leading to more efficient resource allocation and a more cohesive approach to conservation and preservation efforts.

One of the key goals of the merger is to enhance the visitor experience at these cultural sites. By integrating operations and sharing resources, the Authority aims to improve accessibility, educational programming, and overall visitor satisfaction. This includes implementing new technologies, enhancing exhibition design, and developing innovative outreach programs to engage a wider audience.

In addition to improving the visitor experience, the merger is also expected to enhance the conservation and preservation efforts of these cultural sites. By pooling resources and expertise, the Authority will be better equipped to address the complex challenges of maintaining and protecting Indonesia’s cultural heritage for future generations.

Furthermore, the merger is expected to boost the profile and visibility of Indonesia’s museums and heritage sites both domestically and internationally. By presenting a more unified front, the Authority hopes to attract more visitors, researchers, and cultural enthusiasts to explore and appreciate the rich history and cultural treasures of Indonesia.

Overall, the merger of 18 museums and 34 national heritage sites into a single entity represents a significant step forward in the preservation and promotion of Indonesia’s cultural heritage. By working together under a unified framework, these institutions are better positioned to safeguard and showcase the diverse and unique cultural heritage of Indonesia for generations to come.

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