Austrade dan mitra gelar lokakarya hidangan Australia di Indonesia

Austrade, the Australian Trade and Investment Commission, recently partnered with Mitra, a leading food distributor in Indonesia, to host a workshop showcasing Australian cuisine in Jakarta. The event, titled “Taste of Australia”, aimed to introduce Indonesian chefs, restaurateurs, and food enthusiasts to the unique flavors and ingredients of Australian cuisine.

The workshop featured cooking demonstrations by Australian chefs, who showcased a variety of dishes using high-quality Australian produce such as seafood, beef, lamb, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Participants had the opportunity to taste these dishes and learn about the different cooking techniques and flavor profiles that make Australian cuisine stand out.

In addition to the cooking demonstrations, the workshop also included presentations on the Australian food and beverage industry, highlighting the diverse range of products available for export to Indonesia. Austrade representatives provided information on how Indonesian businesses can partner with Australian suppliers to bring high-quality Australian products to the Indonesian market.

The event was well-received by participants, who appreciated the opportunity to learn more about Australian cuisine and explore potential business opportunities with Australian suppliers. Many expressed interest in incorporating Australian ingredients and dishes into their menus, citing the quality and freshness of Australian produce as a major draw.

Overall, the workshop was a successful collaboration between Austrade and Mitra, showcasing the best of Australian cuisine to the Indonesian market. It not only highlighted the quality and diversity of Australian food products, but also provided a platform for networking and business partnerships between Australian suppliers and Indonesian businesses.

As demand for high-quality, international cuisine continues to grow in Indonesia, events like the “Taste of Australia” workshop play a crucial role in promoting Australian products and fostering greater collaboration between the two countries. With the success of this event, it is likely that we will see more collaborations between Austrade and Indonesian partners in the future, further strengthening the trade relationship between Australia and Indonesia.

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