BNI dan Emirates gelar travel fair tawarkan tiket serta promo spesial

BNI (Bank Negara Indonesia) and Emirates Airlines recently teamed up to hold a travel fair, offering tickets and special promotions to customers. The event, which took place at various BNI branches across Indonesia, aimed to provide travelers with exclusive deals and discounts on Emirates flights to various destinations around the world.

The travel fair featured a wide range of promotional offers, including discounted airfares, complimentary upgrades, and bonus miles for BNI credit card holders. Customers who attended the event were able to speak with Emirates representatives, learn more about the airline’s services, and book their flights on the spot.

One of the highlights of the travel fair was the opportunity for customers to win a free trip to Dubai, the flagship destination of Emirates Airlines. Participants were invited to enter a lucky draw for a chance to win this exciting prize, which included round-trip airfare, accommodation, and tours around the city.

In addition to the special promotions and giveaways, BNI and Emirates also provided customers with valuable travel tips and advice to help them plan their next trip. From packing tips to visa requirements, travelers were able to get all the information they needed to make their journey a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Overall, the BNI and Emirates travel fair was a great success, attracting a large number of customers who were eager to take advantage of the exclusive deals and promotions on offer. By partnering with Emirates Airlines, BNI was able to provide its customers with a unique opportunity to travel to their dream destinations at affordable prices.

If you missed out on the travel fair, don’t worry – BNI and Emirates are always coming up with new and exciting promotions for travelers. Keep an eye out for future events and deals, and make sure to take advantage of these opportunities to make your travel dreams a reality. With BNI and Emirates, the world is truly at your fingertips.

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