Danone Indonesia raih penghargaan Global CSR & ESG Summit 2024

Danone Indonesia has recently been recognized for its outstanding efforts in corporate social responsibility and environmental, social, and governance practices. The company was awarded at the Global CSR & ESG Summit 2024 for its commitment to sustainability and community development.

The Global CSR & ESG Summit is a prestigious event that brings together leaders from various industries to discuss and showcase best practices in corporate social responsibility and environmental, social, and governance initiatives. This year, Danone Indonesia was honored for its comprehensive approach to sustainability, which includes initiatives to reduce its environmental footprint, support local communities, and promote ethical business practices.

One of the key initiatives that helped Danone Indonesia stand out was its commitment to sustainable sourcing of raw materials. The company has implemented various programs to support local farmers and promote responsible agricultural practices. By working closely with its suppliers, Danone Indonesia has been able to ensure the traceability and sustainability of its supply chain, ultimately reducing its environmental impact and supporting local communities.

In addition to its sustainable sourcing efforts, Danone Indonesia has also been actively involved in community development projects. The company has partnered with local organizations to support education, healthcare, and economic empowerment initiatives in the communities where it operates. By investing in these programs, Danone Indonesia has been able to create positive social impacts and improve the well-being of local residents.

Furthermore, Danone Indonesia has demonstrated a strong commitment to ethical business practices and corporate governance. The company has implemented robust policies and procedures to ensure transparency, accountability, and fairness in its operations. By upholding high standards of corporate governance, Danone Indonesia has been able to build trust with its stakeholders and maintain its reputation as a responsible and ethical business.

Receiving the award at the Global CSR & ESG Summit is a testament to Danone Indonesia’s dedication to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. The company’s innovative initiatives and collaborative partnerships have made a positive impact on the environment, society, and economy. Moving forward, Danone Indonesia remains committed to its mission of creating a more sustainable and inclusive future for all.

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