Paul Le Cafe hadirkan menu ramadhan eksklusif cita rasa Indonesia

Paul Le Cafe, a popular French-inspired cafe located in Jakarta, is embracing the spirit of Ramadan with their exclusive Indonesian-inspired menu. Known for their delicious pastries and coffee, Paul Le Cafe has taken this opportunity to showcase the rich and diverse flavors of Indonesian cuisine during this holy month.

The menu features a range of traditional Indonesian dishes with a modern twist, making it a unique dining experience for customers. From savory dishes like Rendang Beef Croissant and Sate Ayam Burger to sweet treats like Es Teler Panna Cotta and Klepon Cheesecake, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

One of the highlights of the menu is the Nasi Goreng Croissant, a fusion dish that combines the flavors of the classic Indonesian fried rice with the buttery goodness of a croissant. This innovative creation has been a hit among customers, who appreciate the bold flavors and creative presentation of the dish.

In addition to the food menu, Paul Le Cafe is also offering a selection of special Ramadan drinks, such as the refreshing Es Kopyor and the indulgent Avocado Coffee. These drinks are perfect for breaking the fast and are a great way to cool down during the hot summer days.

The ambiance at Paul Le Cafe during Ramadan is warm and inviting, with soft lighting and traditional Indonesian decor adding to the overall dining experience. The cafe has also set up a special area for customers to perform their prayers, making it a convenient and comfortable place for those observing the holy month.

Overall, Paul Le Cafe’s Ramadan menu is a delightful and delicious way to celebrate the flavors of Indonesia during this special time of year. Whether you’re looking for a hearty meal or just a sweet treat, this cafe has something for everyone to enjoy. So come and experience the taste of Indonesia at Paul Le Cafe this Ramadan.

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