Pembeli parsel di Pasar Kembang Cikini didominasi pegawai kantoran

Pasar Kembang Cikini, located in the heart of Jakarta, is a popular destination for those looking to purchase gift hampers or “parsel” for various occasions. From festive seasons like Idul Fitri and Christmas to corporate events and weddings, the market offers a wide range of gift options to suit every need.

One interesting trend that has been observed at Pasar Kembang Cikini is the dominance of office workers as buyers of gift hampers. These buyers, often referred to as “pegawai kantoran” or office employees, make up a significant portion of the customer base at the market. They are typically looking for convenient and affordable gift options that can be easily purchased and distributed to their colleagues, clients, or superiors.

There are several reasons why office workers prefer to buy gift hampers at Pasar Kembang Cikini. Firstly, the market offers a wide selection of ready-made gift hampers that cater to different budgets and preferences. From luxurious gourmet baskets to practical household items, there is something for everyone at the market. This convenience saves office workers time and effort in sourcing and assembling their own gift hampers.

Secondly, the competitive pricing at Pasar Kembang Cikini is another attractive feature for office workers. With a range of vendors competing for business, buyers can often find good deals and discounts on their purchases. This is especially important for office workers who may be buying multiple gift hampers for different recipients.

Lastly, the central location of Pasar Kembang Cikini makes it a convenient shopping destination for office workers. Situated in the bustling Cikini area, the market is easily accessible by public transportation, making it a convenient stop for busy professionals on their way to or from work.

Overall, the dominance of office workers as buyers of gift hampers at Pasar Kembang Cikini reflects the market’s appeal as a one-stop shop for convenient and affordable gift options. With its wide selection, competitive pricing, and central location, the market continues to attract a steady stream of office workers looking to purchase the perfect gift for any occasion.

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