Raffi Ahmad & Mami Louisse pandu Flash Sale Mobil Rp1 di Shopee Live

Raffi Ahmad and Mami Louisse are two popular Indonesian celebrities who recently made headlines for their involvement in a flash sale event on Shopee Live. The event, dubbed “Flash Sale Mobil Rp1” (Flash Sale Cars for Rp1), caused quite a stir among fans and shoppers alike.

During the live stream event, Raffi Ahmad and Mami Louisse showcased a selection of cars that were up for grabs at a heavily discounted price of Rp1. The event was a collaboration between the two celebrities and Shopee, one of Indonesia’s leading e-commerce platforms.

The flash sale event was a huge success, with thousands of viewers tuning in to watch Raffi Ahmad and Mami Louisse present the cars on offer. The event generated a lot of buzz on social media, with many people sharing their excitement over the incredible discounts available.

Raffi Ahmad and Mami Louisse are known for their strong social media presence and influence, so it’s no surprise that the flash sale event was so popular. The two celebrities have a large following of fans who are always eager to see what they are up to and to support any projects they are involved in.

The success of the flash sale event is a testament to the power of celebrity partnerships in the world of e-commerce. By teaming up with popular celebrities like Raffi Ahmad and Mami Louisse, brands and platforms like Shopee are able to reach a wider audience and generate more interest in their products and services.

Overall, the “Flash Sale Mobil Rp1” event was a huge success for Raffi Ahmad, Mami Louisse, and Shopee. It generated a lot of excitement and buzz, and no doubt left many viewers eagerly anticipating the next flash sale event. With the power of celebrity partnerships and social media, it’s clear that events like these are here to stay in the world of e-commerce.

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