Shopee jadi mitra resmi pertama ASEAN Club Championship

Shopee recently announced its partnership with the ASEAN Club Championship (ACC) as the official first partner for the tournament. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Shopee as it continues to strengthen its presence in the sports industry.

The ASEAN Club Championship is a prestigious football tournament that brings together top clubs from Southeast Asia to compete for the title of regional champion. With Shopee as the official partner, the tournament is expected to reach new heights in terms of visibility and engagement.

As part of the partnership, Shopee will have a strong presence in the tournament, including branding opportunities, digital marketing campaigns, and exclusive promotions for football fans. This collaboration will not only benefit Shopee in terms of brand exposure but also provide fans with exciting opportunities to engage with their favorite teams and players.

According to Shopee, this partnership is in line with the company’s commitment to supporting sports development in the region. By partnering with the ASEAN Club Championship, Shopee hopes to inspire and unite football fans across Southeast Asia and promote the growth of the sport in the region.

The ASEAN Club Championship is set to kick off in the coming months, and fans can expect a series of exciting matches featuring some of the best clubs in the region. With Shopee’s support, the tournament is poised to be a success and showcase the talent and passion for football in Southeast Asia.

In conclusion, Shopee’s partnership with the ASEAN Club Championship is a significant step forward for both the company and the tournament. As the official first partner, Shopee is set to play a key role in promoting and enhancing the tournament, bringing football fans closer to the action and excitement of the ASEAN Club Championship.

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